• Stacked   STACKED Speed Case Bundle iPhone 7 Black

Stacked STACKED Speed Case Bundle iPhone 7 Black

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No need to carry the extra weight of a battery on your phone all day. Our STACKED iPhone® Speed Case has been slimmed down to the essentials—simple, wire-free charging and full phone protection. The patented secure slide lock offers thin yet resilient protection for your phone. The one-piece case design is extremely user friendly. Simply pop your phone in, slide in the connector and you’re ready for wire free charging.
  • Stacked external 2000 mAh battery pack provides a full charge to your iPhone® .
  • Magnetic wireless charging technology is built straight into your case. When you feel the connection, you’ll know that a direct battery transfer is e iciently charging your phone faster than any other method available.

Compatible With: Apple iPhone 7
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