Back-to-School Essentials

The summertime is over and all the kids are heading back to school. read more

If The Plug Fits


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With each passing day, there have been more advancements in newer technologies. With these advancement, better power input and data management are required – demanding faster transfer rate to optimize a device’s potential. read more

How The VR Industry Is Changing The Game

How The VR Industry Is Changing The Game />
In this era, the VR is changing the way the world experiences gaming and artificial intelligence. read more

Save Memories – in 360

Save Memories – in 360 />
VR is really here. However, it's not quite recently about the immersive gaming. It's currently conceivable to utilize a best 360-degree camera to make stunning VR videos and super round flicks. read more

How To Beat The Summer Blues Away



As the long tiring school days come to a close and summer starts peeking from the corner, the fun begins! read more

How To Have Fun And Stay Out Of Summer Heat


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How To Have Fun And Stay Out Of Summer Heat />
Many people look forward to the Summers because it brings with it the fun associated with beaches, cocktails, pool parties, and what not! However, with all the enjoyment and cool activities, sometimes the heat gets too much! Yes, some people are too sensitive to sunlight and may develop allergy-like symptoms, whereas there are others who are likely to get sunburned while being out in the sun for w... read more

The Green Revolution

‘The Green Revolution’ is the rise in concern about the environment in the industrial countries. Nowadays, eco-friendly products are considered the best. All companies strive to bring technologies that does not affect nature. read more

Tips and Tricks to Optimize Your Baggage Space


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Travelling is fun, but packing up and keeping the right stuff with you is important. read more

Spruce Up Your Spring Cleaning With These 5 Household Techs and Devices


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Its spring break - the perfect time to spend with your family and on your house! read more

Top 5 Tech Gifts for Dad on Father’s Day

Top 5 Tech Gifts for Dad on Father’s Day read more